Volunteer Opportunities

Working Together as a Strong Community

Over 1,600 men and women athletes and coaches, officials and spectators from 10 island states are expected to participate in MicroGames 2018. We must all step up to insure a welcoming and successful experience. Join us as we prepare to host this exciting and important sporting event.

Are you or is someone you know involved in sports? Join a team and represent Yap!

Do you have a garden? Do you fish? Do you have an extra room? With more than 1,600 athletes and coaches expected to participate, we must feed, house and care for them. Our goal is to use as much locally produced, healthy food as we can and to welcome them into our community.

1,000 volunteers will be needed to help in all areas from ticket taking and event set-up to cooking, cleaning, parking, and much more.

Even if you are not competing, you can be an important part of this exciting event!