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Peter M. Christian

FSM President

Tony Ganngiyan

YAP Governor

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It is with great pleasure that the Micronesian Games Council welcomes you to these 9th Micronesian Games on the island of Yap.

We are especially indebted to the many athletes and their coaches who have dedicated their time to prepare for the opportunity to compete in this regional spotlight. These games are for them. Everyone who serves on the Micronesian Games Council offers their sincerest wishes for an enjoyable experience whether you win or lose.

We also want to thank the leaders of the ten islands and nations who have sent teams to this important competition. It is your support and strong belief in friendly competition as a guiding light for our youth that allows us to hold these Games every four years. It is a legacy that inspires us all.

And we want to acknowledge and thank the 2018 Organizing Committee for their willingness to add this event to their many commitments to family, community and work. The stress on the Committee, no matter which country is hosting, is always significant but the outcome is always worth the extraordinary effort required as we all watch the athletes enter during the opening ceremony and compete on the playing fields. We are then reminded of why we worked so hard to bring them together.

The Micronesian Games are a part of our regional identity, a tradition that dates back many years. It is one of the only times when all Micronesians come together in the spirit of positive competition and friendship. The youth competing here will become the leaders of tomorrow. Our thanks to all for being here.

Bill Keldermans
Micronesian Games Council

Bill Keldermans

President, Micronesian Games Council

Francis Itimai

Co-chair, 2018 MicroGames Organizing Committee


We are humbly honored and grateful to have the opportunity to host the 2018 Micro Games and want to thank the people and leaders of Yap who, like the athletes, came together as a team to lay the groundwork for this important event. It is thanks to their commitment and desire to make this a memorable experience for all of the athletes that we have reached this milestone and can say with great excitement, “Let the Games begin!”

It is in the spirit of teamwork – knowing that the whole is greater than the one – that we find our role models. And athletes are among the most important role models for our youth, inspiring their involvement in sports and encouraging them to excel to the best of their abilities. These Games are a beacon for their future, showing the way toward a healthy, active and long life.

Sport brings our youth together in friendly competition to work toward common ideals that honor our past and look to our future as productive, ethical citizens of our own nations and of Micronesia. They are the leaders of tomorrow. It is our hope that the lessons they learn, the experiences they have, and the many new friends they make during their time in Yap will become their personal guiding lights as they take their position in our society and cultures.

In preparing for these Games, the Organizing Committee, the National Government, the Traditional Leaders, the State Government, our corporate sponsors, local business and NGO partners, and volunteers have, like the athletes, strived to do their very best to prepare and to make the Games an enjoyable experience for everyone. We most humbly hope we succeeded.

Kammagar and welcome to Yap!

Liyon Sulog

CEO & Co-chair, 2018 MicroGames Organizing Committee