Code of Conduct

The 2918 Micronesian Games Organizing Committee, under the directive of the Yap State Sports Council and the Governor of the State of Yap, hereby adopt this Code of Conduct herein stated to govern the conduct and performances of all athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers who are duly registered to participate, officiate and assist in running the 9th Micronesian Games in the State of Yap, on July, 2018.


Section 1: General Sportsmanship Conduct

All athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers are required to conduct themselves properly with respect and dignity at all times on an individual basis and among others throughout the duration of the Games on Yap.

(a) Fighting, rioting, or any attempt to fight or riot before, during and/or after any games or events is absolutely prohibited.

(b) Any act or activity that may be construed as harassment or terrorism is also prohibited.

Section 2: Certificate for Fitness

All athletes, coaches and officials are required to be examined by registered and/or authorized medical personnel for physical and mental conditions to ensure fitness to participate in any authorized sport or any activity of sports which he or she has been registered to participate and complete.

Section 3: Use and Possession of Alcohol and Drugs

(a) Use and possession of alcohol and drugs is prohibited in any sporting venues and Athlete Villages.

(b) No athlete, coach, game official or volunteer shall be allowed to compete or engage in any authorized activity while under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs.

Section 4: Visitors and Visiting Hours

All visitors to the designated residences in Yap shall comply with any Rules and Regulations to be established by the 2018 Micronesian Games Organizing Committee on visiting hours and privileges.


Section 1: Local Customs and Conduct

All athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers shall comply with locally recognized customs and traditions of the State of Yap.

(a) Noise shall be maintained at a reasonable level to avoid disturbing the peace of others within the vicinity, both within the athlete villages and out in the communities.

(b) Verbal obscenities are discouraged in public, including at the sports venues and facilities and especially in the local communities.

(c) Visiting hours and curfews of athlete village residents will be strictly enforced.

(d) Respectful and reasonable dress code is encouraged.


The 2018 Micronesian Games Organizing Committee and the Yap State Sports Council shall deal with any violations or offenses pursuant to this Code accordingly. Violations may result in loss of games accreditation and/or immediate deportation. Any such offences, violations or acts that involve felonies against the laws of Yap State and the Federated States of Micronesian shall be subject to the respective enforcement agencies.