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Friday, July 27, 2018
Matson Yap Sports Complex

The Brand

History of the MicroGames

The Sports

Traditional & Unique to the Pacific Islands

Get Involved

Volunteer Athletes & On-The-Ground Volunteers

From the Magnificent Micronesian Island Nations,
get ready to experience…

The Games Like No Other

Cultural Pride



2018 Vision

Self Sustainability & Developing Champions

2018 Theme

More Than Just Games


© Brad Holland

Heritage Preservation

© Brad Holland

The way Yap is preserving their culture is by mixing the old and the new.

Modernizing With Tradition

© Brad Holland

Most people here have a modern role while keeping their culture alive.

The People

© Brad Holland

Experiencing Yapese culture and traditions is when the mix is most visible and can be felt.

Experience It

© Brad Holland

Yapese are proud of their culture, history and traditions.